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Acrylic Prints

The Kess Gallery Acrylic Face-mount Fine Art Prints combine beautiful, unique, local photography from Sydney with the highest quality print media available.

Acrylic print face mounting (acrylic float frames or 'glass' prints) enhances the contrast, adds sharpness and colour saturation to photographic prints for a gloss look unobtainable by any other framing method. Acrylic prints are a truly stunning, unique product and will be the focal point for any room. For this reason they are suitable for contemporary homes, offices, hotels, businesses, lobbies and restaurants.

Key Features
  • 100% Australian Made
  • Clear acrylic with light transmission and optical clarity higher than that of glass at 93%.
  • 6mm thick acrylic sheets with a 2mm backing, then a 16mm thick hanging frame on the back. Total Thickness -  24 mm
  • Polished edges, not just raw cut.
  • Printed using museum standard Epson 9900 printers using eleven colour Epson inks.

Acrylic Fine Art Photo Prints

Metallic Fine Art Paper
Our metallic paper enhances silver or gold tones, making them more reflective, adding more dynamic to the highlights and mid tones of the prints. This means that slightly better contrast is obtained with the metallic media when compared with the standard. Metallic is ideal for photos and artworks with blues and greens such as water/ beach scenes, and sunset/sunrise photos that have gold tones.
The life of a print depends on what type of material the image is printed on and the type of inks used. Exposure to light and humidity are also a factor. A key feature of our acrylics is that we print on an acid free media specifically designed for face mounting. The acrylic over the face of the print also filters 65% of ambient UV light. Face-mounting also seals the print from moisture and contaminants in the atmosphere as air can no longer come into contact with the ink.

Deb with her 6mm Acrylic Print of Wanda Wonder 

All prints at Kess Gallery are available as Acrylics, Make sure you browse our gallery to pick you favourites.
If you have any questions about the prints and printing media, please don't hesitate to contact us.