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Grotto Point Lighthouse

Grotto Point Lighthouse | Kess Gallery
Grotto Point Lighthouse is an active Lighthouse in Sydney Harbour, located on a rocky headland near Dobroyd Head, lights the way across the scenic northern waters of Sydney Harbour National Park, near Manly. The Waters around the point were very clear on the day the photos were taken. You can see a group of sailing boats zip past as they pic up the late afternoon sea breeze.

Washaway Beach

Washaway Beach | Kess Gallery
Aerial Drone Photo of Washaway Beach nestled between Dobroyd Head and Grotto Point. As the name implies, it is occasionally washed away. When fully present the beach is up to 200 m long and faces due east toward Sydney Harbour entrance. Consequently. During high waves the thin veneer of sand is literally washed away, exposing massive slabs of sandstone, with at best patches of sand visible at low tide.

Sydney Harbour like you've never seen before!

Sydney Harbour like you've never seen before! | Kess Gallery
This print captures the hustle and bustle of Sydney Harbour during the Vivid Festival. Available online and in various sizes and Paper Prints.  If you require custom sizing or framing, please email us at Pay with Afterpay today!

Lunar Eclipse Timelapse & Limited Edition Print

Lunar Eclipse Timelapse & Limited Edition Print | Kess Gallery
In case you didn't hear, there was a blood moon lunar eclipse this past weekend. I woke up at 3am, drove to Bradley's Head and set up...